About Us



I don't know where to begin...I practiced law for many years before becoming a mommy.  I began discovering that I could never quite find what I wanted for my little one.  So, I bought some onezies, diaper covers and a monogramming machine and off I went.  Those who know me are laughing right now.  After some time, I decided to stick my neck out and see if there was any interest by the local boutiques.  So, on my birthday, I visited two local boutiques who were kind enough and patient enough to let me display some items.  From there it grew.  Once I got a taste, I knew I wanted to grow but a storefront Sweet Cheeks ...and Me! Covering the Chicest Cheeks.would be more time away from my baby.  I researched web designers and jumped in with both feet.  With boutiques under my belt and Junior League holiday markets, I was finally ready, willing and able to launch.  Now, hopefully you (1) love my designs, (2) like them enough to tweak them, or (3) want to design your own.  If you do, then I know you will love all the items I have to coordinate with them (baby legs, bows, blankets, hooded towels and more)!   And, please send pictures for me to feature on my blog and website.  And look for our cutest baby and toddler contests coming soon!   

 Happy shopping!